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Start with basic buyer demographics — age, gender, income, etc.


Define & Differentiate

Add descriptive information from any available source — formal research, focus groups, white-boarding sessions, industry observations, best practices, personal expertise/experience, “hunches,” “gut instincts,” or a combination of all of the above



Get a richly-detailed persona that includes key traits, tendencies and characteristics, as well as functional insights culled from 50 years of academic research in personality science and behavioral economics


Help Your People Understand and Engage Your Customers.

Our AI-powered customer empathy platform makes it easy by analyzing your research and automatically generating in-depth, data-driven buyer personas, empathy maps, positioning & branding guides, messaging briefs and sales playbooks you can share with your team — 100% science-based and human-centered. 



Power Personas was founded by technology veterans who believe that B2B software applications should solve everyday problems in simple, straightforward ways, with no steep learning curves or excessive information requirements. If you are an agency, designer, dev shop or sales & marketing consultant, and you currently create personas or Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) for your projects, we believe we can save you time and money while giving you a much more detailed and actionable picture than you get now.


We've been using personas in marketing, sales and UI/UX projects for years. We're true believes because we've seen the impact they can have, over and over again. Our only complaints about personas are that (1) they take a long time to do right, and (2) not everyone knows how to use them. We created Power Personas to solve these problems, making it quick, easy and cost-effective to create data-driven personas that not only tell you "who" your personas are, but how to convert them.

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Flexible Pricing | Only Pay For What You Need

"I'm Just Curious"


  • Free Plan

  • Single User

  • Includes 1 customer profile

  • Functionality:

    • Create

    • Customize

    • Edit/Revise (traits only)

For Projects


  • Project Plan

  • Single User

  • Up to 4 customer profiles

  • Functionality:

    • Create

    • Customize

    • Edit/Revise

    • Manage

  • Billed Annually

  • Add additional personas for $65 or upgrade to Team/Professional Plan

For Teams


  • Professional Plan

  • Single User + 3 Collaborators

  • Unlimited customer profiles

  • Functionality:

    • Create

    • Customize

    • Edit/Revise

    • Delete

    • Manage

    • Share

  • Billed Annually​

The Impact Of Empathy:


Increase in marketing-generated revenue

(SOURCE: Broadview)


Companies who shorten their average sales cycle

(SOURCE: Marketing Insider)


Increase in overall website effectiveness

(SOURCE: Hubspot)


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