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Money Heist Personas

It's finally here -- the last five episodes of Money Heist.

In honor of the world's most famous thieves (sorry... Danny Ocean & friends. Maybe it's time for Ocean's 14?), we've generated user personas based on characters from the Netflix series.

As with all marketing personas, these are composites generated from the underlying demographic and psychographic characteristics of The Professor, Berlin, Nairobi, Denver and Tokyo as observed in the series (and cross-referenced against the collective wisdom of the internet).

What kind of product or service would use these five as personas?

No idea.

The point in using characters like these as the basis for personas (besides the fact that it's fun, we love the series, and anything related to Money Heist is probably good clickbait right now) is that it makes the whole persona development process much more accessible, which is particularly important when you're trying to get buy-in/adoption from outside players.

Here's what we generated:

Please Note: Our brand matrix skews North American, so we've used our coming "customize" feature to replace some of the brands and lifestyle examples with selections more suited to Spain.

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