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Ozzy Osbourne & Prince Charles: A Quick Little Case Study

There's a post that pops up on LinkedIN every now and then that uses Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne to highlight the foolishness of just using demographics to create user personas.

I'd argue that demographics alone can be a perfectly good differentiator if that's what's most relevant to your product or service, but in most cases, that's probably not quite enough information to generate a unique persona.

In the spirit of fun (and realizing this might unleash a torrent of haters) we ran a couple of personas based on Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne.

Here they are:

It's always a challenge to do this kind of thing because real people aren't personas, but you can certainly see the similarities.

That said, I should point out that because our persona tool is designed for branding and marketing people, we focus primarily on positive traits, tendencies and characteristics rather than "the dark side." So while hints of negative behavior can be found in Ozzy's "Sources Of Pleasure," which could be reversed under certain circumstances to become "immoral virtues" or vices, and the line in his summary that says"they'll go along with anything," which suggests excess and outrageousness, that's not the primary purpose of Power Personas.

As for what kind of product or service would use these personas, I have no idea. Scepters? Thrones? High-end pet food for horses and bats?

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