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Sampling Generative AI For Marketers: Brainstorming White Papers Ideas

Is generative content worthwhile? Or a waste of time?

In this series of posts, we're sampling generative AI for marketers by using artificial intelligence to generate specialized marketing content targeting a specific audience (ICP or buyer persona) for a specific product.

You can see the entire process in the attached real-time video, but the actual output is included below for your analysis, too.

Prompt Parameters

Target: Marketing Director/CMO

Content Type: White Paper Ideas

Product: CMO Copilot



1. "Optimizing Marketing Strategies with Artificial Intelligence"

Rationale: Taps into one of the CMO's main pain points, marketing strategies, and links it to the utility of our product - AI for marketing. This will provide insight on how AI can enhance their strategy development process.

2. " Customer Acquisition in Today's Digital Era: The Role of AI"

Rationale: Customer acquisition being a pain point, this paper would delve into how AI, and more specifically our product, can help their business attract and retain customers in this competitive and increasingly digital market.

3. "Leveraging AI to Enhance Brand Management"

Rationale: This would be attractive as it addresses their priority of brand management. The paper can showcase how AI can assist in maintaining and enhancing their organization's brand reputation.

4. "Balancing Budgets and Goals with AI: A Marketing Perspective"

Rationale: As budget constraints are a major concern, this paper focuses on how AI can help meet marketing goals within set budgets. Our product's capabilities can be highlighted in this context.

5. "Driving Marketing ROI with AI – The Future of Marketing"

Rationale: This idea is relevant because demonstrating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and initiatives is a significant challenge for CMOs. The white paper can discuss how our product can use data and analytics to show improvements in marketing ROI.


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