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Is that all?

When we set out to build a marketing, branding and sales persona creator/management tool, there were two pain points we wanted to address:

  1. Personas take a long time to create

  2. Not everyone knows what to do with them (i.e. they end up sitting in a virtual drawer instead of being leveraged as a single source or truth)

Solving the "hard to create" part was pretty straightforward, coming about via combing intuitive, natural-language inputs with AI that uses bits of psychology, personality science and behavioral economics to identify key drives, motives and characteristics.

Solving the "not everyone knows how to use them" part was a little bit harder and required a lot more human interaction, first so that we could understand the kinds of "functional" suggestions sales, marketing, branding, design and UIUX people might want, and then distilling that (very) long wish list down to to things:

  1. What we could do

  2. What could be easily digested and acted upon -- i.e. out puts that say "try this," "expect X, not Y," rankings, lists, etc.

Is it perfect?

No, because nothing is perfect, but it's as good as we can make it (and IMHO it's easier and a lot more comprehensive than DIYing it or using a template-based alternative).

If you take a look at these annotated screenshots you can see for yourself.

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