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Trying To Reach An "Elon Musk Type" This Year?

ICPs and marketing personas are a great way to bring customers to life. They get everyone on the same page, using the same reference points, and moving in the same direction. This is especially important when you have to strategize for and coordinate with internal and external teams of content creators, SDRs, etc.

For argument sake, let's say your research (or your instincts and professional experience) suggests that your ideal customer is what you might call an "Elon Musk Type."

What does that mean? How do you reach that kind of person?

(I have no idea what this particular product or service might be —Tax payment software? Battery packs? Martian real estate services? — but just go with it.)

There are lots of ways to create ICPs & marketing personas. Manually, downloading templates, even using automated software. Whichever method you choose, the end-goal is the same: you want to end up with a richly-detailed "customer composite" that enables you to understand core needs, drives, motivations, interests, attitudes and beliefs —i.e. meaningful personality differences that fuel strategy discussions and help you identify which specific themes, pain points, benefits, etc. are most likely to resonate.

(That may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be.)

The point is that ICPs/marketing personas can be a powerful tool that transforms impersonal information into somebody we can all relate to.

Here's an example of "an Elon Musk type" ICP/marketing persona compiled from publicly available information, tweaked (a bit) using our soon-to-be-released customization option:

Here are some screenshots from the marketing module:

Here are some screenshots from the sales module, which is structured by stages:

PLEASE NOTE: While it's always best to based your ICPs & marketing personas on solid research, you can also (in my experience) get a good start by just using your instincts, professional experience in marketing/sales and google search results.

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