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The 5 CEOs You Meet In Heaven

In my experience, creating personas is a process of using specific parameters to group and differentiate customers.

Sometimes parameters are straightforward, like when you're using basic demographics or occupations, while other times they're much more complex, like when you're trying to connect specific behavioral characteristics to the pain points your product/service addresses.

The result is that one project might call for 4 broad personas: Sales Rep, Marketing Manager, COO and CEO; while anothe might include a set of personas that all revolve around the same core occupation, like CEO.

These examples highlight five different kind of CEOs you might target:

  1. The Administrative CEO

  2. The Entrepreneurial CEO

  3. The Social CEO

  4. The Competitive CEO

  5. The Technical CEO

(If you're curious, you might check out What Makes A Successful CEO? where we generated a persona from some Harvard Business Review research.)

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