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Updated eBooks w/Jobs To Be Done Framework For ICPs & Buyer Personas

We've updated both "The Complete Guide To Building Better Buyer Personas & ICPs" and "A Quick Guide To Buyer Persona & ICP Frameworks" to include some guidance about using "Jobs To Be Done" as a framework for ICPs and buyer personas.

Jobs To Be Done is a way of thinking about products and services in terms of what buyer are trying to achieve i.e. what "job" do they want to "hire" your product to do? It grew out of a Harvard Business School consulting assignment where the sales and marketing teams struggled to attract and engage buyers because demographic and psychographic characteristics "did not explain who was most likely to buy."

People who don't like or don't trust traditional personas often like this framework because it defines buyers in a different way.

It doesn't eliminate the need to segment your buyers, however, or dig deep enough to understand who they are and what makes them tick so you can personalize your pitches, presentations, messaging, design, etc.

For this reason, people often start with Jobs To Be Done, but then try to identify any underlying patterns, characteristics and meaningful commonalities they can use to break buyers into more manageable groups or cohorts, or pair Jobs To Be Done with another framework like life stages, pain points, buying triggers, use cases, etc.


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